Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Questions, Thoughts, & Opinions on a Wednesday Night

Questions, Thoughts, and Opinions

1)      I have decided that I am a secular traditionist Jew; a freethinking believer in separation of church and state and follower of Jewish traditions.

2)      There is a difference between being pro same-sex marriage and forcing same sex marriage onto people.

3)      You may be a hypocrite if you decry Obamacare as an encroachment of freedom but have no problem with the Patriot Act.

4)      Mitt Romney says he believes in a strong national defense, but doesn’t mention our troops only the need to increase military spending.  He is not pro defense he is pro defense contractors.

5)      The sad state of our culture is epitomized by the complete lack of shame in getting caught lying.  Not too long ago the guilty party would apologize, then we moved to be taken out of context, followed by I misspoke, to nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

6)      Lance Armstrong represents the worst kind of icon.  A life of accomplishments built on deceit.

7)      This just may be the worse season of new television programs since ever.  I have not found a single decent new show that captures my attention.  I am talking to you creators of Vegas, Mob Doctor, Ben & Kate, Elementary, etc.

8)      If a man is willing to lie as much as Romney is to get elected, what will he do if elected?

9)      Those Obama economic policies have been crushing the U.S. economy must be why the S&P 500 has gone from 805.22 to 1,432.56, an increase of 78% since his inaugural.  The horror!

10)   I miss the NHL.

11)   Athens, GA’s The Whigs, maybe the best rock ’n roll band no one has heard of.

12)   Mitt Romney says he supports Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction which includes significant tax increases, but says he will not raise taxes.  I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but hold the peanut butter. 

13)   The most serious international border dispute that no one is talking about is between China and Japan.  The dispute revolves around who owns the uninhabited islands called Diaoyu by China and Senkaku by Japan.  Why the big hullabaloo?  There is enough oil to support China for 45 years in the ocean floor around the islands.

14)   As bad as network TV is, shout out to AMC and FX for bringing it on cable stations.  Great shows like Mad Men, Hell on Wheels, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Justified, American Horror Story, and Sons of Anarchy can be found on those two stations.

15)   I do not disparage those that have strong religious faith; I only wonder how some can take the Bible literally while denying basic scientific theories.

16)   News alert, Iran will not attack Israel with a nuclear weapon because (a) the Iranians are not crazy and (b) Israel has these things called nuclear missile carrying submarines.

17)   That great American technological breakthrough called fracking could be the single biggest development in creating a manufacturing renaissance in the U.S. was nurtured and supported by the U.S. government during its early days.  What’s that about picking winners and losers?

18)   Jack Welch made an outrageous claim that the Obama administration had finagled the BLS labor report, but when challenged by some pols he admitted he had not proof.  An outlandish claim with no supporting evidence by a Republican?  I call that a day of the week that ends in ‘y’.

19)   President Obama is far from perfect, but compared to the other guy, he is close to it.  I am sorry but if you are voting for a guy who’s economic plan is equal parts false promises, bad math, and bullshit, you are a sucker.

20)   The New York Jets are proving that having two mediocre quarterbacks does not equate to having one good one.



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