Sunday, September 16, 2012

Republicans: Lying Sacks of Memory Deficient Crap


I have to admire the brass on Republicans for simultaneously calling out failed Obama policies while displaying incredible memory loss of their own failures. 

1)      Republicans criticized Fed Chairman Bernanke for initiating QEIII or Quantitative Easing Round three.  Romney said he would replace the current chairman especially in light of what he called political activism that took fiscal policy into the area of monetary policy.  Perhaps the fed would not need to be activist if the Congress had actually done something like pass the President’s job bills.

2)      In early 2008 when the country desperately needed stimulus as a recession (and soon to be the Great Recession) started to take hold, house Democrats worked with their Republican counterparts and eventually the Senate put in front of President Bush a plan of tax cuts and spending increases to try to kick start the economy again.  Fast forward to 2009 and ever since and we have witnessed a Republican party that has put politics ahead of country as they have obstructed every attempt to get the economy revved up.  This is borders perilously close to sedition and subversion.

3)      Romney and his team of reconstituted Bush neocons keep insisting that President Obama has thrown Israel under the bus is getting to be laughable.  No other president has authorized the sale of more advanced weapons’ systems than President Obama.  As for not backing an attack on Iranian nuclear sites, let me remind everybody that these matters are supposed to be PRIVATE, and not discussed in press conferences and media interviews.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has badly misplayed this and the Republicans have demonstrated, again, a proclivity for politics over national security.

4)      Further to having Israel’s back, let me remind everyone that in 2007 when Israeli Prime Minsiter Ehud Olmert  privately informed the Bush administration that it had details of a Syrian nuclear reactor under construction.  Olmert had requested U.S. mission support and Bush said no and left it to the Israelis to do what they felt they had to do.  Now it was Condi Rice who questioned Israel’s ability to execute the mission to destroy the site and instead called for a ‘public condemnation’ of Syria.  At the end of the day, Olmert and his defense minister Ehud Barak made the call and the mission succeeded.   I don’t recall anyone claiming Bush and Rice threw Israel under the bus.  I also don’t recall this being played out publicly. 

5)      Rumsfeld didn’t waste any time coming out criticizing the Obama administration after the attacks in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, etc. on U.S. missions.  Rumsfeld says when your embassy or consulate is attacked, it is a sign of weakness.  Really?  Well what I call signs of weakness are:

a.       Allowing attacks on your centers of capitalism, government, and defense under your watch.

b.      Invading a country that had nothing to do with said attack, just to prove you can

c.       Watching your missions get attacked dozens of times while you are SecDef

6)      Republicans love to criticize President Obama for voting against the surge and then when it succeeded it shows how bad are his foreign policy decision making skills.  He also voted AGAINST the war to begin with and well you wouldn’t need a surge if you didn’t invade in the first place.


This is but a sample of the instances where Republicans say one thing and do the opposite.  They cannot be trusted to handle neither domestic nor foreign policy.  They simply suck at both; but to their credit, they are such good liars that people forget the facts.

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