Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Diggapedia

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Diggapedia and to be honest I wasn’t sure it would last this long.  , I have slowed down the frequency of my postings due to several reasons including significant increases in Twitter activity, travel, and reading.  But the biggest change has been subject matter.  While previously my blog postings were far more diverse including sports, current events, and pop culture, over the last year I have become more focused on politics.  Further, my postings have become more research centric and thus require longer to prepare; after all I do have a day job.  So yes, I have evolved from simply opinion writing, to research, analyze, and opine.  And yes that takes time to put together.

But this post isn’t about excuses; it’s about the Diggapedia journey.  I have many more readers, thank you Twitter followers, and as far as the blog isn’t it really about quality and not quantity?  Honestly, there are days when I find nothing interesting to write and there are days are I am just too tired to think about it.  But most of all, I ask myself what is the purpose of Diggapedia? 

In the beginning, it was created as a cathartic vehicle for me to vent about ignorance, hate, partisan politics, government failure, and the abdication of media responsibility in holding our officials accountable.   Today, the site has moved from catharsis to something bigger.  Not to sound, self-obsessed or arrogant but I think there is now an educational element enjoyed by several readers.  I will never be a great writer and certainly I have no delusions that a second career is imminent, but Diggapedia has a purpose. 

So I will continue to research, analyze, and opine on current events and politics.  I will continue to be sarcastic, vociferous, and often outrageous in my commentary.  I will continue to share my experiences and opinions and will not apologize and will not self-sensor in fear of reprisals.  So yes while this space is for many, it is still for me.  Selfish?  Maybe.  But don’t expect an apology.

So what to expect? Lots of politics, social commentary, opinions on the Middle East, socio-economic thoughts, the lunacy of Arizona, the death of the Republican Party (as we know it), and the battle of enlightenment versus dogmatic religion, wrapped in a sardonic 100% natural tortilla of anti-conservative bellicosity.

Can I blow out the candles now?


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