Thursday, September 27, 2012

Republican Fall TV


Preview of the 2012 Television Season:

·         The Last Resort: The GOP swaps Romney Ryan ticket with Limbaugh Honey Boo Boo.

·         Vegas: Sheldon Adelson gives away $1million every day to some lost cause

·         Elementary: Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman return to the 5th grade to learn American history

·         Animal Practice: Inside look at Fox and Friends

·         Chicago Fire: How President Obama started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  Narrated by Lou Dobbs.

·         666 Park Avenue: Donald Trump loses his fortune and moves in with the devil

·         Once Upon a Time: Each week another member of the GOP laments about their favorite Ronald Reagan memory

·         The Walking Dead: Republican voters go to the polls

·         Fringe: The rise of the Tea Party and the death of the GOP

·         Two and Half Men:  The Chris Christie Story

·         Call the Midwife: The GOP healthcare plan




  1. Where do I begin? Animal Practice, 666 Park ave., Fringe, the Walking Dead, Elementary & the Big Poo-Bah.... Two & a half men. no no no, hahaha. Send it to the Networks....ALL OF THEM. GOOD ON YA MATE !!

  2. Look who's commenting on Diggapedia? Welcome Wilma and thanks for the commentary. Of course Big Bang Theory could be what Newt asks Calista to scream when they're having sex.

  3. are too funny and creative! I love these. How about Mad Men ( self explanatory)?