Sunday, July 15, 2012

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How important is the November presidential election?  Justices Ginsburg, Scalia, and Kennedy all turn 80 during the next presidential administration.  Yeah it’s big!

Is Germany trying to ban circumcision? A regional court in Cologne said it was illegal.  The twisted part is the court is trying to protect Jewish kids from heinous experimentation like that was performed by the Nazis; now it seems the German courts are trying to protect Jewish babies from their parents.  In another twist, Muslims are claiming this isn’t anti-Semitism, but an assault on the Islamic tradition as well.  With all the dickheads in the world, we need this debate now?

According to the NY Times, the U.S. has spent $25Billion on the war on drugs and the price for a gram of cocaine has dropped 16% since 2001.

John Boehner on the 31st House vote to repeal Obamacare  “We want to show people we are resolved to get rid of this.”  Too bad you don’t have the same resolve to create jobs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, cell phone carries processed 1.3million governmental requests for information on cell phone users locations, text messages, and calls.  Thank you Patriot Act.

In a new ABC poll, 75% of voters who plan on voting for President Obama  say they are doing so in support of him versus against his opponent.  Just 37% of likely Romney voters say they are voting for him, while 59% say they are voting against the President.  While hate can be a great motivator, on election day I would rather have my support come from people who with me versus against the other guy.

The full impact of the LIBOR scandal will not be felt for many months.  And when more banks are implicated, expect more indictments, more executives stepping down, and the further collapse of public trust (if that is even possible following 2008).  I expect Republicans will stay say that the market can self-regulate and government regulation is burdensome.

According to the Washington Post, in 2009 Americans paid the lowest tax rate, 17.4%, in 30 years and compared to 19.9% in 2007.  The 30 year average is 21%.  So much for the TEA party claims of burdensome taxes and so much for Republican claims low taxes rates creating jobs.

Congressman Ben Quayle in his primary battle with David Schweikert  has new campaign signs featuring his wife and child. Nice photo, bad Congressman.

Mike Teets, Republican member of the Hardy County Commission (West Virginia), is concerned that President Obama may be a Muslim, faked the killing of Osama bin Laden and is secretly working with him, and he may be gay.  Glad to see the people of West Virginia have advanced so far from the Hatfields and McCoys days.

While neither softball nor baseball are Olympic sports, dancing horses will be part of the 2012 Olympics and golf gets added in 2016.  Might was well brink back ballroom dancing and solo synchronized swimming.

Americans need to understand that regime change is messy, and that if anyone thinks establishing a democracy is as simple as adding water to a powder concentrate they forget our own fragile history.  Our long standing Republic was severed and reestablished 70+ years after its origin. To think Libya, Egypt, Iraq, or Syria will overcome centuries of ethnic, tribal, and racial divide after an election or two is naïve.  This will be messy for years to come.

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