Monday, July 9, 2012

American Idle Thoughts

If I had to choose between Mitt on a jet ski or a great white?  I’ll take the great white.

McDonalds: an official sponsor of the London Olympics

Being for lower tax rates and debt reduction is like being for deep fried food and supporting the war on obesity.

I need to submit two years of tax returns to get  a mortgage, why is it so outlandish to see Romney’s tax returns?

I go swimming with a cigar.  Yes I am aware of the contradiction

If you can’t understand how the confederate flag may offend someone you have less social awareness than an amoeba.

I secretly (I guess not anymore) wish I could be on the air and say what Jeff Daniels said during the 1st and 3rd episodes of The Newsroom.

What do Republicans hate more: jobs or abortion?

On November 7th will Mitch McConnell declare his goal is to limit Barack Obama to a two term President?

I loved Moonrise Kingdom.  No explosions, time travel, aliens, super heroes, car chases, etc.  Yep good ole acting, writing, and directing.

Mitt Romney is a self-wealth creator, not a job creator.

I think Pedro fielded tougher questions from the press than Romney.

Chief Justice Roberts declares the ACA constitutional and suddenly the law becomes more popular.  I hope he doesn’t disclose he likes the Jersey Shore.

Some people are more willing to accept angels with wings than climate change.

Is being a Fox News Contributor the modern day Faustian bargain?

Why do today and Wednesday suck?  They are the only days of the year when there are no major professional sports games being played in the U.S.

Michele Bachmann is worried that recuing our current stock of 5,000 nuclear weapons is a risk to our national security.  From who?

Romney called the unconstitutional Arizona anti-immigration law the model for the country.  Did I miss the media maelstrom about that?

ABC launched Good Afternoon America this week.  Yes because Americans need more fluff to dull their senses further.

Mitt Romney’s 59 point plan will create $5Trillion in debt by 2015.  Funny I don’t here George Will criticizing that plan.

That is all.

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