Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mishegas

·         34% of Republicans think President Obama is a Muslim.  I am not surprised because 60% of Americans believe the Bible literally.

·         So far this year Congress has sent a whopping 54 bills to the President including 14 that rename post offices, 9 to approve real estate transactions, and 6 to renew existing laws making this Congress one of the least productive ever.

·         15% of Boy Scout membership are Mormons.  Do you think that explains it’s homophobic stance?  By the way the membership in the BSA has fallen from 4.8million to 2.7 million over the last 40 years.

·         According to the New York Times, at the same time a grand jury was hearing evidence in the Jerry Sandusky case, Joe Paterno negotiated a $5.5milllion contract.

·         In 2005 only 4% of Republicans held an unfavorable opinion of Chief Justice Roberts.  Following the ACA ruling that number has spiked to 44%. 

·         Nearly 6 million American adults will not be allowed to vote this November because they are convicted felons.  Does it make sense to take away a constitutional right for being convicted of a crime?

·         According to 196 or 0.000063% gaudily rich people have donated more than 80% of the SuperPAC money.  This a Republic?

·         In the 1970’s 68% of Americans held either a ‘great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in churches or organized religions.  Today that number is down to 44%.  I guess raping children and trying to cover it up will shake the confidence of many.

·         Liz Cheney lives in Virginia but wants to run for senator from Wyoming which is why she is ass kissing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd.  Shame doesn’t fall far from the tree.

·         Waiting for Chick-fil-A to make Anita Bryant its new spokesperson.

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