Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mishegas - February 27, 2012

·         America’s problem isn’t regulation, it’s writing regulations.  The law that created the American banking system in 1864 was 29 whopping pages, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was 32 pages, and the post 1929 crash banking reform act, known as Glass-Steagall, was 37 pages.  The 2009 Financial Reform Act Dodd Frank is 848 pages.  
·         Marie Colvin just before her death in Syria: “Well, not sure it was my smartest move but I have made it to Baba Amro. Nightmare here, but so anger-making it is worth it.”
·         I think Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuis is in cahoots with the GOP to beat the war drums with Iran, spike oil prices, and cause President Obama’s defeat.
·         Pot and Kettle moment: Billionaire douche Steve Wynn has ousted his long time business partner Kzauo Okada for alleged misconduct citing “company’s high ethical standards”.  Steve Wynn the Las Vegas Casino Mogul with operations in Macau citing high ethical standards.  I think he spent too much time on the roof of his casino.
·         John McCain and Lindsey Graham call for arming Free Syria Rebels.  One week later Hamas splits from Bashar al-Assad and backs the Free Syria Rebels.  Now do you understand why the neocon rush to war is ALWAYS a bad idea?
·         The whole idea of the nomination primaries and caucuses is to take the process out of the party bosses hands by eliminating the back room deal making of years ago.  Yet the GOP is certainly heading down that road.  Each of these clowns think they are Abraham Lincoln and it’s 1860.
·         National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar thinks Super PACS are good because “there is little connection between strict campaign finance laws and good governance.”  Well sir, adding hundreds of millions of special interest dollars isn’t going to help reduce corruption now is it.
·         Washington Post’s Michael Gerson “ A conservatism that prefers ideology to reality is not particularly conservative.”
·         According to a WBUR poll, 62% of Massachusetts residents say they’re happy with ‘Romneycare’ compared to 33% who aren’t.  Just six years after enactment that is a clear majority of support.
·         Arizona and Michigan primaries are Tuesday and here is the Diggaprediction: Romney takes the winner take all in Arizona and while he takes the popular vote in Michigan, Santorum wins more delegates by taking more districts.  Each will take away something and Newt will give us one of his famous non-concession concession speeches about his 1st week in mythical office.
·         Rick Santorum thinks that rising gas prices caused the great recession of 2008.  “We went into a recession in 2008 because of gasoline prices," the former senator declared. "The bubble burst in housing because people couldn't pay their mortgages because we're looking at $4 a gallon gasoline. And look at what happened, economic decline."  Well I am sure that would be news to the thousands of economists who have studied the recession because I am pretty sure gas prices do not show on any credible economist’s list of causes.  The man is remarkably dense on so many topics.

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