Thursday, September 22, 2011

Right Wings myths, lies, and bull shit

Israelis do not want an independent Palestinian state.    Fox news, Perry, Romney, and the rest of the conservative movement will tell you that Israelis oppose Palestinian Statehood.  Far from it.  In a recent Jerusalem Post, a right leaning daily, poll nearly 70% of Israelis said they welcome an independent Palestinian state.  The ConJob being played by the right is to make President Obama look anti-Israeli.
Ronald Reagan never raised taxes and Obama will raise Capital Gains Tax rates because he is a tax and spend Democrat.  In reality President Reagan raised the Capital Gains tax rate for the highest earners from 20% to 33% when he realized the deficit he created was untenable.  George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton dropped the rate to 28%, only to see W drop it to 20% and then 15%.  President Obama is only asking to bring it back to the sound days of Clinton. 
Fox and its millions of fact-challenged watchers love to say that 49% of Americans pay no taxes to back up their judgment that President Obama is a socialist.  The untruth here is that 49% of Americans pay no INCOME tax because they fall below the minimum threshold of gross earnings.  They certainly pay sales tax.
According to Herman “Drain on the Brain” Cain the EPA will regulate dust in 2012.  The truth is Cain's not alone in this (mistaken) belief that the Obama EPA is going to issue fines on dirt. It's one of the tea party-right's favorite EPA conspiracy theory.   Sadly, it's not true. Yes, the EPA is revisiting its dust standards—but those standards have been in place since 1987. In April, the EPA issued an evaluation of particulate matter pollution standards, because the report is a requirement under the Clean Air Act. And while the report suggested that dust standards should be tightened, the EPA has no plans to "regulate" dust any time soon.

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