Friday, September 30, 2011

Joe Walsh is a douche. It's that simple.

Dead beat dad Joe Walsh “The most important amendment in that Bill of Rights is the Second Amendment,” Walsh said, sound every the concealed carry enthusiast.  “It protects every other amendment. It is the last line of defense between us and our government.”
I am not a gun advocate, but I’m thinking a sane non-pandering right minded balanced thinking individual would choose from:
·         1st Amendment: I guess freedom of the press, speech, and religion would be number 1.  After all it is the 1st Amendment.
·         4th Amendment: I guess protecting citizens against improper and illegal search and seizure isn’t important to a Tea Partier since he can simply shoot anyone he comes to search.
·         13th Amendment: Abolishing slavery.  Enough said.
·         19th Amendment: Women can vote.  I guess a guy who doesn’t pay child support doesn’t want women to have a voice.
Just to a name a few.
Conclusion: Joe Walsh is a douche.

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