Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Diggapedia

1st anniversary is paper.   Ironic as it is a paperless activity.
Why diggapedia? Short answer:  Purely as a cathartic pressure relief valve.  I was getting fed up with what I was seeing on TV and disgusted in what I was reading in the print and e-media,  and felt that I needed some avenue and vehicle to vent my opinions, frustrations, observations, and more opinions.  Knowing how sensitive people are about politics and religion on facebook, four out of five dentists defriend someone because of political postings, I turned to the blogosphere.  As a complete neophyte I set up http://diggapedia.blogspot.com/ without a clue regarding the how of blogging.   I also moved a lot of my political commentary to Twitter, I feed blog posts to the Twitter account and feed my tweets to my blog page in some sort of Excel circular Dante’s inferno function… what was I saying?  Oh yeah, I like Twitter too, but as anyone who knows me will attest, 140 characters is not enough for me to make my point. 
Anyone who blogs must have an ego and with it a desire to be heard.  My goal was never to make this a new career or entrée to the media world, lame stream or otherwise, though I have fantasized about being on Real Time with Bill Maher and telling Ann Coulter to go screw herself or going on Meet The Press and asking David Gregory why he never asks the tough questions.  Ergo it is ego; not ashamed to admit it.  But I did set some guidelines for myself:
1)      For me. I would blog because I wanted to and would stop when the novelty or marginal utility (I think I should have been an economist) ran dry.
2)      Topics. I would be mainly focused on current events, politics, sports, and pop culture.
3)      Accuracy.  I would back up assertions with research and data, unlike most right wing media douches.
4)      Share.  I would share my travels and opinions and provide insights to certain topics that I felt were not being properly covered in the media.
5)      Honest.  I wouldn’t be a water carrier for anybody and would criticize all while sharing the positions I held.
So one year later some amazing and many mundane things have happened.  Firstly, this will be the 359th posting in one year or almost a posting/day, almost as prolific as Wilt Chamberlain on Viagra.  Not bad, though there were days I was struggling for material and some days where I could have written 10,000 words.   I am most proud of two postings: Words Matter (January 8th) following the horrific shooting in Tucson and the recent September 10th 2001 was a Monday.  I liked them because they were less analytical and more emotional, more from the heart and less from the head.   Right from the heart, I am a softy, a regular Easter Peep, and because these posts hit a nerve about who we are and who we wish we were.  I also think they are Cindy’s favorites as well.  She’s a Peep too.
Over the course of the year I made many predictions in my blog.  Some panned out (Auburn, Cam Newton, the Oscars) and some crashed and burned (Patriots, Red Sox, Huckabee).  I wrote extensively about Israel and the Middle East: the history, the politics, the people, and how Americans are ignorant of the facts.  I have slammed the right because they are wrong, I have no time for haters, and less time for Faux News parrots.  Now I know a lot of what I write is of no interest to many people and I do not pretend to be a great writer, or even a good one, and I know when Mrs. Diggapedia has had enough of politics and the history of the Middle East.
But what I have enjoyed the most has been the pleasure my mom gets in reading the posts and the pleasure I get in reading her replies.  Something about apples not falling far from trees.  Honestly, she should be the one sitting next to George Will on This Week, yeah I’d pay to see that.  So we now embark on year two and I make no commitments of a year three.  Perhaps I will go big and write a book or maybe at the end of the day maybe 140 character tweets is more my style.
Leshanah tovah tikateiv v’teichateim …and never be afraid to learn something.

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  1. Well written dude!

    Although, when I fantasize about being on Real Time with Bill Maher, I dream about telling him to screw.

    Enjoy year 2!