Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emptying the In Box

Memo to President Obama: perception is reality and right now you are perceived as ineffectual, ineffective, and in danger of losing re-election.    I know you want to peak at the right time, but you’re getting dangerously close to losing your base.
That being said, it is still interesting to see that the polls show increasing disenchantment with the President and a loss of faith, yet Bush is still blamed for the sad state of the economy and Republicans are still not trusted.
Is it me or since Rahm left to go to Chicago, has the GOP bullied the piss out of the office of the President?
Looks like the highlight of the Bachmann campaign for President may have been the Iowa straw poll.  Since Ranger Rick Perry entered the race, her numbers have plummeted as the Texas shitkicker eats into her share of the Tea Party Social Retarded crowd.  I hate to see her go because she is a bottomless cup or comedic coffee and with three debates in September she can really entertain and enlighten us with her folksy revisionist American history.
Had an interesting ‘debate’ with two anti-Obama Republicans this week.  It was a battle of wits and they came empty handed.  Some of the best lines included: Obama created the Alternative Minimum Tax, Obamacare incentivizes people not to work, Obama added more debt than Bush, Reagan reduced the deficit, and Republicans never proposed an individual mandate for health insurance.  Facts and data are kryptonite to most Republicans.
During the August recess, 81 members of the House of Representatives visited Israel courtesy of the American Israel Education Foundation.  That’s what I call lobbying. 
Bashing Obama for his vacation is a joke.  Let’s face it: in today’s world do you think he is ever off the grid?  Those that complain about it are entertainers, GOP red meat baiters, or Obama haters.  By the way, according to White House records, George W. Bush spent the equivalent of over 1 year of his 8 year administration on vacation.  Wow, almost sounds like a European.
Remind me again why we have corn subsidies when the price of corn is up 70%; probably the same reason why we still have oil exploration subsidies to help offset the uncertainty of striking oil.  Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s not 1900 any longer.
So Jon Huntsman believes the Affordable Care Act and Dodd-Frank are job killing?  Really?  What killed more jobs in this country than the great recession?  Jon, I want to like you, but you’re just pulling pages from the GOP playbook of lower taxes and no regulation.  How did that do for us from 2000 – 2008?  Tell you what take your 1% poll rating and your Mandarin and go back to China.
Don’t underestimate Rick Perry.  The man hasn’t lost an election in 27 years. 
Did you know that the Yankees have out spent the Red Sox by $500Million since the infamous (or heroic depending on your perspective) collapse against the Sox in the 2004 ALCS?  Since then each team has won a World Series so I am not sure if Charlie Sheen would call that winning.

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