Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Top Ten

1) Paul the Psychic Octopus died Monday evening in his aquarium in Germany.  Paul became famous for his ability to pick World Cup Winners this past summer.  Sam the Squid is being called a cephalopod of interest.  Apparently Paul and Sam had their differences, and recently Paul had warned Sam to watch out or he'd end up: "A Calamari appetizer with banana peppers and marinara sauce."

2) Alexander Anderson Jr., the creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right passed away.  Boris, Natasha, and Snidely Whiplash were already seen wearing black.  Dudley Do-Right could not be reached at his winter home in the Florida Keys.

3) Judge Clarence Thomas and his wife Virginia have been in the news about Mrs. Thomas phone message to Anita Hill dredging up the old stories of porn, coke cans, and pubic hair.  The real scary part is Mrs. Thomas ties to The Tea Party and the fringe elements of the Republican Party such as Michelle Bachmann and Steve King.  The right screams about activist judges, I get worried about activists married to judges.

4) Downloaded the new Kings of Leon album.  Not sure about it just yet and can't endorse.

5) Wade Phillips, Turn Out the Lights the Party's Over. 

6) Spanish television network Univision has passed the WB as the USA's number five network, and it is likely that within 10 years it will be in the top three and challenging for the number 1 slot.  I knew George Lopez was ahead of his time.  Early word is a sitcom called Amigos will be the flagship show.

7) The right is once again pushing the concept of a flat tax or consumption tax as opposed to our current progressive tax system.  Of course these plans are short on details, but I have to think that this sort of plan would punish those below the poverty line and those on fixed income. 

8) Gingrich and Angle have been all over the airwaves talking about Sharia Law taking over the country.  While that is not even remotely possible, there is evidence that in the case of family law and disputes, Sharia Law has been applied.  Is that a threat?  Is it more of a threat than other Orthodox Jews who use a rabbi to settle family disputes?  Heck it doesn't sound much different that Tony Soprano settling disputes outside of Satriales between Paulie and Richie Aprile.

9) Friday Night Lights, one of the most underrated television shows enters its final season on the 101 channel on Wednesday night.  Great writing and exceptional acting.

10) GOP candidate Christine O'Donnell says prayers by her followers have led to her closing the gap in polls with Democrat Chris Coons.  She may need to sacrifice herself (virgin) to close the 17 point gap that still exists.

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