Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cover Up in the Desert, I don't mean from the sun's rays

Thankfully the Phoenix New Times is one the few papers that actually performs investigative journalism.  Like we thought back in April, this deputy's shooting by alleged drug smugglers seemed too coincidental with Brewers floundering campaign, McCain's apparent weakness against Hayworth, and the need to get the public behind SB1070.  Now I am not claiming that the honorable senior senator from Arizona or the never-elected governor were in on the conspiracy.  What I am saying is if the story smells like s--t, it is s--t.  Sheriff Paul 'Mini Joe' Babeu is in over his head and now is doing what the exposed due, lash out at all those around them.  Too many questions remain unanswered:
1) Where are the shell casings?
2) Where is the round that struck deputy Puroll?
3) Why was he carrying his backpack?  It's called a backpack for a reason.
4) The massive manhunt afterward found now evidence of the smugglers.
5) DPS investigators were told to stand down.
6) The Sheriff won't reopen the case, only sending the t -shirt out for further testing.
7) Why was the shirt cut from the deputy's body through the bullet hole and bloodstain?

Another Sunny Day in Bizarro World.

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