Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Take the Quiz

I saw this quiz in the Jerusalem Post and tracked it down to NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.  Have to admit I failed the quiz badly, but honestly I am not disappointed by my score.  Why, you ask?  Because ethics, morality, and humanity, aren't about text they're about individual deeds.  Words, especially the words of others, are just words.  Like a company quality policy, it's only words; what matters is how the employee internalizes and personalizes the script.  More about that in other entry.

This is why fundamentalists of all faiths are dangerous people and need to be in the open and checked.  This is why politicians who cherry pick certain verses are no better than snake oil salesmen.  This is why I am not interested in your text, I only care about your deeds.

Take the quiz at the attached link, and if you score badly, know you are in good company.

Cherry Picking Scripture

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