Saturday, October 9, 2010

Make mine a latte

Part 2 of the series focuses on the mix of religion and politics by the right or why the right is so wrong.
Apparently Sharron Angle was feeling neglected like an older child after the arrival of the infantile broomstick commuting tax evader from Delaware.   But she’s got her game face back on.  She singled out Dearborn, Michigan (and its large Muslim community) and Frankford, Texas as cities in America that are in danger of falling under Sharia Law and not the Laws of the United States.  One of the many scary issues with her statement: Frankford, Texas ceased to exist in 1975 when it was annexed by Dallas.  Get that woman an Atlas.
But I want to dig(gapedia) further.  Is she equally concerned about another Wolverine State city: Holland?  Holland, Michigan was founded by Calvinist Separatists and is the home of the Reformed Church in America.  It is the birthplace of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater USA, now known as Xe.  So what?  Errr do the math:
Separtists + Reformed Church + Blackwater + co-founder of family research council + Hoekstra = Insurrection.
Prince started Blackwater to build a right wing Christian army.  Why would he need a Christian army in a secular nation of laws?  As a secular American Jew, a rightwing Christian army scares me a lot more than Muslim autoworkers and a defunct Texas city.  Then again, like Bachmann, Palin, and Sabrina, the Obtuse Angle’s mind is a dark scary place.

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