Friday, August 9, 2013

Religion and Faith: It's What You Believe

He’s back!!!

Yes after several weeks, Diggapedia is back.  It wasn’t a sabbatical as much as I felt I had nothing to say, nothing to opine, and certainly nothing to rant about.  In short, it’s been pretty damn boring as I felt I had nothing else to add to the masses regarding the Trayvon Martin, Edward Snowden, or A-Rod discourse.

So what brought me back? It would have to be one of three things: politics, international relationships, or religion; and the answer is religion, specifically the Lauren Green interview of Reza Aslan.   I had recently downloaded Aslan’s  Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, when the now viral video of the interview took place on Fox.

So here are my top ten opinions on religion:

1)      Your faith is your business, my freethinking is mine. 

2)      Religion has its place in the public square, just not in public policy; the Wall separating church and state shall be tall and wide and never be breached.

3)      Cherry picking holy book verses to attack another’s opinion is the province of the small minded.

4)      Any and all religious fundamentalism is a threat to freedom.

5)      Church corruption is as old as the Bible.  From the High Priests who controlled The Temple of Jerusalem and extorted from the poor Hebrews of the Galilee to today’s Catholic Church’s sexual abuse cover-up and everything in between, the hierarchy and power have abused the masses.

6)      If you claim to be a person of faith but deny another a place of worship you are a hypocrite and possibly a bigot.

7)      All religions started as cults.

8)      Faith is a powerful force and I respect those that possess a strong faith.

9)      I’ll tale science Alex.

10)   When it comes to the origin of religions as told in the various holy books, I am reminded of Mr. Maxwell Scott in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Oh, and why does a ‘news’ network need a chief religion correspondent?

My secular ass is back.

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