Monday, December 22, 2014

Getting some stuff off my chest

Some things to get off my chest and out of the mental inbox:

Mike Rogers (MI-R) was one of the first to call out President Obama on his vacation to Hawaii.  “Saying ‘aloha’ and getting on the plane to Hawaii is not the answer.  I don’t think that’s enough. North Korea attacked, then threatened violence.” That’s rich from a leading member of the 113th Congress, a body that was in session for a total of 133 days in 2014.  Rogers needs to worry about his own ineptness and politicized bullshit and less about the guy who HAS kept America safe.

And then there’s Rosie O’Donnell who was selling artwork on her website claiming to be images of Gazan children, when in reality they were images from Syria.  O’Donnell initially defended her decision to sell the artwork on her website, then due to public pressure subsequently removed them.  O’Donnell is entitled to her own opinion, but she isn’t entitled to her own facts.

Which brings me to The View, featuring O’Donnell, Rosie Perez, Nicole Wallace, and Whoopi Goldberg.  This eclectic group of loud partisan opinionated voices is as bad as combining MSNBC’s The Cycle, CNN’s Crossfire, and Fox’s Fox and Friends.  Always loud and with a heavy dose of ignorance.  I caught one five minute segment on race, and that was enough.

But I shouldn't be too hard on The View, as they are just a symptom of the disease, the disease of politicization.  It seems there is not issue small enough or crisis big  enough that cannot go without it being politicized.  Now I get that politics is a full time job for many professionals and the electorate for the most part, are ill-equipped amateurs.  But everything is now politicized, and I’m not talking about solely about the big issues, I am talking about every issue: Benghazi, IRS, Cuba, Ebola, Russia, climate change, immigration, energy policy, etc.  Now, we have managed to politicize race to the extent where conservatives claim President Obama’s election ended racism and yet President Obama’s administration has made racism worse. 

Memo to Marco Rubio and Florida’s Cuban-American communities: normalizing relations with Cuba isn’t just about you.  We have fought wars with nations that we now have relations with, and spare me the human rights argument as you watch Hannity online on your Chinese made iPad. 

Patrick Lynch, President of the NYPD’s Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association maybe the biggest jackass I have seen on TV in some time, and I watch  a lot of TV. His claim "That blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor." shows how ignorance and inflammatory language by those in power is a dangerous mixture.  Of course Lynch is a political union hack who has a history of defending criminal activity by police and attacking anyone who criticizes the men in blue. 

Yes, lots of noise coming from the few that drown out the voice of the many.

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