Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Festivus Tradition: Airing the Grievances

“I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you're gonna hear about it!

  • Rudy Giuliani: You’ve gone from America’s Mayor to a political hack who ends up on the wrong end of PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter more than Michelle Bachmann.  But telling Fox News that President Obama has said “everybody should hate the police”, is a sign of either an irrational mind or a political ignoramus.
  • Steve Kornacki: Please get some adult eyeglasses to replace the elementary school ones you’re still wearing.
  • Phil Simms, Jim Nantz, and Joe Buck: Seinfeld was a show about nothing which equals the substance of your play-by-play and analysis.
  • MSNBC, CNN, and FoxNews: In your quest for ratings you gave us sensationalism, demographic ass-kissing, political pandering, you've created an appreciation for Al Jazeera and the BBC.
  • Elizabeth Lauten: Another political hack who thought it would be a good idea to attack Malia and Sasha to try and score some political points.
  • NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch: For stoking even more hatred and suspicion in NYC with your caustic vitriol.
  • Katrina vanden Heuvel and Stephen F. Cohen: Vladimir Putin’s chief apologists and PR champions
  • Bibi Netanyahu and Neftali Bennett: Two Israeli politicians that are doing more to destroy Israel than Hamas ever could.
  • The Harbaugh Brothers: Belichick is no prize, but he wins consistently, while you guys just seem to bitch consistently.
  • Sepp Blatter: FIFA President and the poster child for athletic organization corruption.
  • Marco Rubio: For thinking our nation interests are seconded to Cuban-American feelings and opinions.
  • Hollywood: For making nothing but comic book and special effects garbage and forgetting us adults like to be challenged, entertained, and emotionally engaged in films.
  • Roger Goodell: Burying the truth about concussions and brain trauma is unforgiveable, but your double dealing ass covering BS on the Ray Rice and soon to be further exposed Adrian Peterson scandals show a guy that will do anything to cover his ass.
  • Dick Cheney: For spinning more lies, spewing more hate, and all the while getting rich off his ginned up war.
  • The American Electorate: You bitch about the government and yet only 36.4% turned out to vote in the 2014 midterms
  • Andrew J. Cohen & : For writing Neighbors, a  90 minute steaming pile of crap
  • American Airlines: For calling this food.


  • Diggaduh: For questioning the almighty Hoodie after the Chiefs game.

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