Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Safari 2014 Journal: Eleven Glorious Days (Day 5)



Our man Thomas collected us from Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek and took us to Cape Town Airport.  After a fond farewell, and a selfie, we took off to Nespruitt where we met Andrew who took two newlyweds and us via a five seat airplane to Singita landing strip on OPIE Airways.  Aunt Bee would be proud.  At the landing strip Coleman, our guide, who took us to Singita Ebaony, our home for the next three nights, met us.  Before we even entered the lodge, we were able to see Impala and Nyaa.   The lodge and grounds are right on the Sands River and words cannot describe the magnificence, Cindy’s photos surely will.

After a brief orientation by Brett, we settled in to our lodge for an hour and then we were off to our first safari.  Our man Coleman and the tracker Thimba (pronounced TIMBA) took us out where we saw Impala, Springbok, Water Buck, but best of all, we trailed a leopard.  Great pics by Cindy.  After driving some more we came across a herd of Wildebeest but before too long, our trusted guides were hot on the trail of a cheetah and voila, we came across a male and a female cheetah lounging.  Awesome and spectacular pics!

Our 1st safari ended with Sundown Happy Hour on the trail before heading back to camp.  A couple of spotted Hyenas on the road were the only excitement.

Our evening at the camp included a lovely wine tasting and dinner.  This place is Fantastic!!  A port and Cuba Partagas by the fireplace brought our day to a close.

 Tomorrow includes two more safaris and a trip to the local village.  This is amazing!

Our man Thomas

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