Saturday, September 21, 2013

You may be a Politicrite if...

Politicrite (n): One who changes views soley based on political affiliation; one who agrees with something when his political party does it, but opposes it when the other side does it.


-          You rationalize it is OK for a president from your party to possess excessive executive power but you oppose it when the opposition sits in the White House.  You say it’s because you trust your guy, but do not trust the other guy.

-          You oppose torture, but are silent on drone strikes based on the guy occupying the White House.

-          You think Benghazi is a major scandal and cover-up, but think Oliver North is a hero because of Iran-Contra.

-          You claim Bill Clinton cut and run out of Somalia, and think Reagan was American tough even though he split from Lebanon and chose to invade the mighty Grenada.

-          You think the GOP are corporate shills while ignoring the money Wall Street pumps into Chuck Schumer’s and other Democrat’s campaign coffers.

-          You love Bob Woodward when he exposed Bush administration screw ups but hate him when criticizes the Obama administration

-          You support the Heritage Foundation’s idea for an individual healthcare mandate right up until the point President Obama runs with it as part of Obamacare

-          You oppose raising the debt ceiling under Obama, but had no problem with Reagan increasing it 18 times during his time in office.  Fact is, it’s as much about who controls Congress as it is who sits in the oval office.

-          If you cite PolitiFact to make a political point then slam it when it makes  a judgment you disagree with.

-          You vote against raising the debt ceiling as a senator but expect congress to approve it when you are president. 

-          You try to rationalize the item above.

-          You are suddenly for immigration reform when it becomes evident that your party is on the losing end of the demographic wars.

And finally….

-          You cheer for Robert Redford as Condor in Three Days of the Condor, but think Edward Snowden is the bad guy.  Condor is the little guy who takes down the big bad CIA after a rogue element within the Agency kills some of its own bookish analysts after they stumble on a dirty little secret.  Snowden brinks out the ambivalence in me and in the context of the Condor story, one could argue hypocrisy.  <SPOILER> On a side note, I bet if there was another act in Condor, we would see the government and its cronies wage a public relations war against Condor trying to discredit him.


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