Monday, November 12, 2012

Twenty Questions for a Monday

Twenty Questions

1)      Will President Obama have as successful a lame duck congressional session as he did on 2010 when he was able to push through another $300Billion in stimulus, get DADT repealed, and a new START treaty signed?

2)      Will anybody really miss Jon Kyl?

3)      Has the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences started engraving  Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscar yet for Lincoln?

4)      Anybody else not really missing Kristen Wiig on SNL this year?

5)      Why are a year’s worth of great movies crammed into the last 10 weeks of every year?  (That one is rhetorical)

6)      Why does the NFL mandate the color of a players undershirt, but not the safest helmet?

7)      Can the media now move on from Lance Armstrong?

8)      Does anyone else find the notion that a show called Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader is not a good sign for our global competitiveness?

9)      If the Tea Party believes in individual responsibility to take care of oneself, why does it oppose the individual mandate?

10)   If a broken clock is right twice a day, what’s Sarah Palin’s excuse?

11)   Did Papa Johns stores in Massachusetts raise their prices after Romneycare went into effect?

12)   Why didn’t Dwight Eisenhower warn us about the Conservative Entertainment Complex?

13)   How soon until Allen West becomes a Fox News Contributor?

14)   What does it say about our political culture when we have to have so many fact checkers?

15)   Who does NBC’s Meet The Press’ David Gregory have naked pictures of?

16)   If Greta Van Susteren has her own show on Fox, why did ABC think we needed to see her on This Week?

17)   If Republican Representatives in the 112th Congress really believed in the free market and pay for performance, why did they take a salary for the last 2 years?

18)   When will teachers’ union supporters realize that you can be for meritocracy and against tenure BUT still be pro teacher?

19)   Is anyone else stunned by the statistic that 1 in 88 kids will get an autism-related diagnosis?

20)    Did you know that over 50% of our total population lives in coastal watershed counties in an area less than 20% the size of Alaska?

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