Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scratching My Head and Shaking the Surface

·         Did anyone out there think that Tom Cruise as a rock’n roller was going to be a huge gate draw for Rock of Ages?  I guess the studio execs did.

·         When gas prices were rising the MSM loved to ask if that would damage President Obama’s re-election chances.  Now with gas prices down $.40 over the last 10 weeks I haven’t heard a single question asking if the dropping prices improves his re-election chances.

·         Is it me or are we closer to the  dystopian society depicted in the 1975 film Rollerball?  “Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan!”

·         Still trying to figure out how a blue collar middle class folks think they are best served by Republicans.  Perhaps they feel that the impoverished are taking away from them when it is really the very rich that have taken from everybody.  Middle class incomes are getting squeezed from the top, not from the bottom.

·         When did the only consideration to doing something big in this country become “Can we afford this?”  Investing in infrastructure, education, national defense, environmental safety, and general welfare should all be treated as national prerogatives.

·         And another thing, quit comparing household budgets and finances to federal spending.  Last time I checked households don’t build roads, launch nuclear submarines, or maintain national security.  Further, mortgages, car loans, student loans, credit cards, and home equity loans are all debt instruments.  Even the most successful people carry debt.  It’s when the debt load or leverage exceeds practical limits (e.g. wall street CDO binging and home equity loans to finance Jet Skis and Harleys)that the house of cards comes down.

·         Regulatory uncertainty is causing economic slowdown is a crock of shit.  Another round Tea Party driven debt ceiling standoffs and the fiscal cliff we are facing when tax cuts expire and soending cuts sequestration kick in is the real uncertainty.  Wouldn’t it be great if the GOP House leadership drew up a plan and asked the President to review?

·         The behavior of those middle school kids in my former home in Greece, NY is unacceptable and these kids should be dealt with proportionally.  I am thinking community service as long as they are in the public school system.

·         Sorry GOP, you cannot be a legitimate political party if you nominate Samuel Wurzelbacher to run for Congress.

·         The GOP’s zeal to embarrass President Obama through its attack on AG Holder could easily backfire.  Overplaying their hand when the number one thing on people’s minds are jobs will allow the Obama campaign team to exploit this Tea Party driven opposition as the enemy of the people; which isn’t hard considering the low approval rating.

·         While I have always agreed with Fed policy, at least Bernanke is trying to do something, which is more than I can say about Congress.

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