Friday, May 4, 2012

Twenty Questions for a Friday

1)      Why are social conservatives so afraid of same sex marriage?
2)      If pseudo-historians like David Barton think we are Christian Nation, why was the Constitution so widely condemned by Catholic Europe as a ‘godless document’?
3)      Why is church affiliation so important to the alleged Constitution loving Tea Partiers when the same document calls out in article 6, section 3 that federal elective and appointed officials “shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification in any office or Public Trust under the United States.”
4)      Why do right wing TV and radio personalities love to mock the ACLU, when it is the ACLU that keeps them on the air?
5)      Why do so many organized religions use coercion and fear of damnation to achieve compliance and acquiescence?
6)      When will Mika Brzezinski finally have enough and tell Joe Scarborough to screw himself?
7)      When will someone in Washington stand up and say we cannot have corporate tax reform because there is no census amongst business lobbying groups on what to cut in exchange of lower rates?
8)      When will NBC realize that they have ruined the Meet the Press brand?
9)      Why do I enjoy morally challenged TV characters like Raylan Givens, Al Swearengen, Vic Mackie, Tommy Gavin, Roger Sterling, and Jesse Pinkman?
10)   Why is it wrong to normalize relations with Cuba, but OK to get in bed with autocratic despots in Central Asia?
11)   If fracking is so safe, how come the gas industry needed an exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act?
12)   When did secular become a nasty word?
13)   Is it wrong to call those that want to teach intelligent design as part of a science curriculum in public schools unenlightened reactionary douches?
14)   Why do those in the south like to call themselves patriots, yet they are the same ones who rebelled against the nation?
15)   If education is a matter of national security, why don’t we have a national crash program to get it done?
16)   Does it seem like a conflict of interests to you that Congressmen who own UPS stores should be voting on the future of the US Postal Service?
17)   Is anyone as disinterested in the London Summer Olympics as yours truly?
18)   How many anti-abortion bills does it take before the Republicans admit there is a war on women?
19)   Does anyone actually believe decriminalizing marijuana will lead to the collapse of the USA?
20)   If Dodd-Frank was about financial reform why is there a provision about tin and tungsten mining in the Congo?

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