Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spare Me Your Morality Governor Brewer

A few weeks back I made the case of when government intervention is proper and when it is not.  A progressive government has brought this nation its greatest advancements in  safe food, water, drug, air, and drinking water; not to mention equal rights, pensions, healthcare, and voting rights.  Yes, when government looks to deepen and broaden society, the nation advances in education, freedom, and wealth.

When government tries to regulate or legislate morality, we end up in a bad place.  The Comstock, Mann, and Volstead acts tried to impose a government’s belief of what constituted immoral behavior.  Most recently, DOMA, DADT, and the ludicrously overreaching Terri Schiavo case exemplified a government off the rails.  Yes, government, state and federal, and the courts have often been on the wrong side of dictating and mandating which is morally acceptable based on some religious beliefs.  When a politician starts his justification of some bill or law with the law of man is secondary to the laws of God, it is safe to say some whopper of a behavioral restricting anti-liberty whopper is coming soon.

I have no problem with people of faith using their religion to help guide their personal lives or to help raise their children.  I am happy to welcome discussions of faith and morality in the public discourse.  What I have a problem with is elected officials using their faith to establish morality and subsequent create morality-based legislation.  The most recent case is here in my state, Arizona.  Yes that Arizona, the laughingstock of the nation; the place that even Mississippians point at and snicker.  It seems, Governor Brewer decided to defund Planned Parenthood based on her moral belief.  These aren’t my words, these are hers:

“I do not support the goals of Planned Parenthood because I believe in life,” she said. “They believe in choice. So let’s just cut right through the fat and tell it like it is.”

“I guess it’s imposing what I believe in,” she said. “We can still put responsible limitations on those kinds of issues. And that’s what we’ve attempted to do.”

 “We are a moral country,” she said. “We are a moral society.”

So even though no state funds went to providing abortion services, the Governor decided to cut funding to try and starve the organization because it may use private donations to perform abortions; LEGAL ABORTIONS.  So Brewer found a way to use her moral superiority to deny legally protected services.

I guess I must have missed Jan Brewer’s morality speech about us all being God’s children when she signed SB1070.  Yes I guess justice isn’t the only thing that is blind.

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  1. I do a bad enough job as a Christian, lets not have a whole political party making Christianity look bad.