Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 In Review 25 Items in Less Than a Minute

1)      The fall of 60 Minutes accelerated

2)      Fareed Zakaria GPS became the only watchable Sunday Talk Show

3)      Al Jazeera America emerged, for now, as a viable alternative to profit seeking corporate network and cable news.

4)      Republican obstruction crossed the line forcing Democrats to limit the power of the filibuster threat

5)      George Zimmerman got away with murder, but Jodi Arias didn’t

6)      The war on women’s reproductive health was waged in Republican controlled states

7)      The NRA proved it has lawmakers by the balls

8)      America told regional powers and the Arab League to get their shit together

9)      China openly started flexing its regional powers

10)   Lance Armstrong finally admitted what we already knew:  he doped and he is an asshole

11)   Digg had enough of Bill Maher’s faux intelligence and douchebaggedness

12)   Adult music didn’t die, but it got badly wounded

13)   The Arab Spring has been replaced by the Arab Winter

14)   Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” was the biggest moment in television

15)   Same Sex Marriage and LGBT rights advanced thanks to the Supreme Court

16)   Voting Rights, however, were not so lucky

17)   The Department of Health and Human Services botched the one big thing for which it was responsible

18)   Infatuation with Royal Babies was as strong as ever

19)   The Tea Party overplayed its hand with a government shutdown

20)   The Catholic Church may finally have a Pope who’s deeds match his words

21)   America became aware of the NSA and its reckless abuse of power

22)   America started having the much needed debate on liberty versus security

23)   A Toronto mayor acted like an American mayor

24)   Breaking Bad went out with bang

25)   Boston Strong!!!!!!!!!


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