Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits: A Political PuPu Platter

·         What happens when your national cyber alert center gets hacked?

·         Want to know why USPS is in free fall?  Bad processes, ineptitude, and worse attitude at too many branches.

·         Chris Christie could lose 200 pounds.  It’s called the Mitt Romney distancing surgery.

·         There were 26,000 reported cases of sexual assault in the U.S. Armed Forces.  If there was ever an organization in desperate need of reform….

·         Meanwhile at the Air Force, its head of sexual assault prevention Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, was charged with sexual battery.

·         Progress comes in the form of negotiation and compromise.  When the Tea Party crazed GOP proudly calls itself the “Party of No”, they chose stagnation over growth.

·         No one likes paying taxes, but it’s time to end the internet state sales tax holiday.  E-commerce has moved from nascent to mature.  Heck even Amazon realizes that.

·         If more sales move from e-commerce to traditional brick and mortar stores, one would expect employment to increase as the latter typically employs 2 workers for every 1 e-commerce worker.

·         The above notwithstanding, I would not bet on a big shift from e-commerce to store shopping due to the sales tax law.  The convenience factor will always be a significant driver to internet shopping.

·         Kim Jong-Un has quietly backed away from the brink.  What won’t get reported was the Obama Administration use of diplomacy with China. 

·         As smart as some people are, it amazes me that so many can’t see that there is a war within Islam and we constantly stumble into the middle of it.

·         Veterans waiting nearly a year to receive their benefits is a national embarrassment.  If the Bush administration were in power it would be getting 100x the press coverage.  The Obama administration should be ashamed.

·         The least religious and most liberal states in the U.S. have the best healthcare, education, and the most start-ups.

·         When can we expect Mark Sanford to get named by Boehner to the House Ethics Committee?

·         The very members of Congress who attack Ben Bernanke for aggressive Fed monetary policy action are the same ones who have done nothing on fiscal policy

·         In a hundred years when our army is equipped with Star Trek like Phasers, the Wayne LaPierre’s of the 22nd century will be clinging to their AR-15’s.

·         The Tsarnaevs had one gun that fateful night in Watertown.  Meanwhile Police fired over 300 rounds of ammunition and in the process likely killed one of their own.  So when Wayne LaPierre asks how many Bostonians wish they had guns that night, my guess is very few.

·         Two (2) three year olds have been fatally shot in recent days.  I guess that’s the price of the 2nd Amendment.

·         Mike Huckabee says Benghazi attack was worse than Watergate and President Obama should resign.  This logorrheic hack is as politically astute as Arnold Ziffel.





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