Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up Thoughts, Questions, Opinions, and BS

1)      If 98% of female Catholics use birth control, does that mean thy are bad Catholics or the church hierarchy is wrong?

2)      Is it possible to have a two-state solution when the Palestinians can’t agree on their own state?

3)      Who wins the battle within the GOP: the donors or the base?

4)      Why do Conservatives hope for the worst and plan for the best?

5)      Politically speaking, are guns to Liberals like abortion is to Conservatives?

6)      Was Harry Truman the last president who honestly didn’t give a shit about popularity polls?

7)      How long should it take for democracy to thrive following decades of dictatorship?  A lot longer than we think.

8)      Is there a more underappreciated show on television than FX’s Justified?

9)      Which of the potential bad outcomes does Syria become: Assad stays, prolonged civil war, a Sunni al-Qaeda breeding ground, all of the above?

10)   If Mike Huckabee is a Christian then Rush Limbaugh is a feminist

11)   If Mike Rice’s methods were so great please explain why Rutgers finished 15-16 overall this season and 5-13 in the Big East, which nabbed them 12th place in the conference

12)   Why does it take an Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres to get state governments to enact tough gun regulations?

13)   Why do gangs such as Aryan Nation always end up in the Meth business?  Cliché much?

14)   Are Thom Hartman and Ed Schultz hypocrites for shilling ITM Trading?

15)   I never understood how so many children or grandchildren of immigrants are so opposed to immigration reform.

16)   There is nothing wrong with complementing someone on their looks.  To do it publicly in a large forum is best served at an awards show; when you’re the boss, you do it privately.

17)   According to the CBO: Social Security and Healthcare spending in 2013 will total $1,695B and in 2023 it will reach $3,268B (proj). Where does the money come from to afford this? We can't tax nor cut our way there.

18)   Not only was Mike Rice, Rutgers University Basketball Coach, wrong in how he treated his players, his results were awful.  Bad methods + no wins = Fired

19)   When does the weekend start?  In order to show strong opening weekend box office results, movie studios are releasing movies on Tuesday and calling the 1st week tally as ‘opening weekend’.  Pssst I’m talking about you GI Joe.

20)   If slow the growth rate of something is it still a cut?  After all it’s still growing.

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