Saturday, December 22, 2012

22-Dec-2012: Emptying the Mental Inbox

Twenty Questions and Comments for a Holiday Weekend;

1)      Is there a worse mall smell than the offensive odor emanating from an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shop?
2)      Are mid-season NCAAM basketball rankings as useless as announcing the starting lineups of  a hockey game?
3)      If the NRA sponsored GOP thinks that it is necessary to arm good guys for protection against bad guys, do they support nuclear-armed Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Bahrain if Iran achieves nuclear capability?
4)      GOP lead House calls for investigations into Fast and the Furious over the death of one Border Agent, but why are they mute on #SandyHook?  (OK that one’s a rhetorical question).
5)      If mental illness is a pre-existing condition, and Obamacare makes sure pre-existing conditions do not prevent people from getting health insurance, and mental illness is the leading cause of gun massacres, why is the GOP opposed to Obamacare?
6)      In North Carolina liquor can be purchased if you are 21 and only from state stores and not on Sunday, then why can you buy a rifle or shotgun from any store without any background check and only need to be 18.
7)      Viewers of Homeland no doubt cheered the death of Abu Nazir, the show’s fictional terrorist leader.  Funny how some of those same people condemned Israel’s killing of terrorist mastermind Ahmad Jabiri in November.
8)       The Sunday talk shows are giving an audience to Grover Norquist, Asa Hutchinson, and Wayne LaPierre.  Haven’t we heard enough from these clowns?
9)      If the GOP is about law and order, why do they kowtow to the NRA when police officers from around the country urge for limits to control weapon availability.
10)   I cringe at the thought of how a President-elect Romney and vice-president elect Ryan would be handling the post Sandy Hook situation.
11)   If we are willing to put armed guards in schools, shouldn’t we be arming the school bus monitors too?
12)   Republicans love to say we don’t have a revenue problem, yet we are $16Trillion in debt.  Debt also known as money we have already spent.
13)   I am going to miss Jake Tapper on ABC as much as I miss a bad case of hemorrhoids.
14)   Media hacks like Jake Tapper challenge POTUS on why he hasn't done more on gun violence while chastising him for issuing executive orders.
15)   I think I would care more about the hubbub about Instagram, if I ever used it.  Or have I used it, and not known it.  How would I know?
16)   Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas claims some lawmakers are trying to politicize Sandy Hook.  You mean like some politicized Fast and the Furious and Benghazi?
17)   I hate bowl game sponsorships as much as I hate the fact that there are too many bowl games.
18)   The pro-NRA crowd that loves to use Israel as an example of an extensive security presence fail to mention that the path to own a gun in Israel is a highly restrictive torturous one.
19)   The GOP opinion on government jobs appears to be: if the job involves a gun it’s OK, all others are a waste.
20)   I think the GOP would love to place the Department of Education under Homeland Security.

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