Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am not a Republican because:

I am not a Republican because:

·         I believe millionaires should pay a higher tax rate than middle class citizens

·         I believe punishing people because you do not like them is un-American

·         I believe civil liberties are precious and we all benefit from the ACLU

·         I believe education is a national priority

·         I believe the free market cannot regulate itself

·         I believe civil rights come from nature and someone who denies them in the name of ‘their God’ is a bigot

·         I believe in a strong defense but do not support spending more than the next 17 nations combined

·         I believe the wall separating church from state is tall,  wide, and must never be breached

·         I believe a person’s patriotism is neither measured by the size of his flag pin nor the number of times he says God Bless America

·         I believe denigrating and attacking people while they are having tough times is abhorrent.

·         I realize that the world is nuanced and it is not as simple as good guys vs bad guys

·         I know the invasion of Iraq was done on false pretenses and was the single biggest cause of the rise of Iran

·         The same people who claim to be fiscal conservatives are the ones who started two wars and gave the biggest tax cuts in the nation’s history

·         I am smart enough to realize that federal debt is money we have already spent and that you cannot cut your away to debt elimination.

·         I am smart enough to know that a reasonable deficit reduction plan includes revenue increases and spending cuts

·         I believe claiming to be fiscally conservative and not willing to cut defense spending is a fool’s errand

·         I believe immigration reform is a practical, humanitarian, and fiscally sound thing to do.

·         I would rather err on the side of inclusion as opposed to exclusion

·         I believe clean air, clean water, and safe drinking water are not onerous regulations

·         I believe renewable and alternative energy sources are a long term strategy

·         I believe the Defense of Marriage Act is an abomination

·         I believe homosexuality is not a choice

·         I believe life does not begin at conception

·         I believe in evolution

·         I believe intelligent design is NOT science

·         I believe those that champion small government and call for criminalization of abortion and believe we need a constitutional amendment to define marriage are hypocrites

·         I believe diplomacy includes telling your friends they are wrong and not acting in the best long term interests

·         I refuse to align myself with a group that has tried to belittle, demean, delegitimize the President

·         I believe the establishment of public education, social security, and Medicare make America exceptional

And finally….

·         I believe a nation’s greatness is measured by how it protects the weak, the strong, the old, the young, the sick, and the healthy and not by how many bombs it has in its arsenal


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